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BlueScope distribution & precise metal products: Unique design and manufacturing that stands out

With a background in steel manufacturing, Oliver Taseski saw a gap in the market for bespoke, locally produced architectural screen and aluminium products. So, in 2016, Oliver launched Precise Metal Products with a CNC Turret Punch.

Since establishing the business, his organic designs, using high quality aluminium products supplied by BlueScope Distribution, are now in high demand by the infrastructure and commercial building industries in Australia.

BlueScope Distribution and Precise Metal Products have developed a strong partnership over the years.

“With Oliver’s business, the synergies are so well aligned. It’s been a seamless, effortless process dealing with Precise Metal Products. Everything that we value at BlueScope Distribution, Oliver, and team value equally,” said BlueScope Distribution’s Key Market Account Manager, Jamie Buchanan.

“The idea was that we could service smaller fabrication and metal working business that may have difficulty sourcing screen products for their project work,” Oliver said as he describes some of his motivation for starting Precise Metal Products and the ARIAMESH™ product.

The ARIAMESH™ perforated architectural screen range is used across a wide assortment of building projects, from sporting pavilions and building facades through to custom fencing for large complexes and outdoor spaces.

“We manufacture the ARIAMESH™ screens to our clients’ specific sizes and tolerances.

“We process and supply to specification, and our clients then install. The application ranges from facades used for car park screening and balustrade panels for buildings, to acoustic barriers, decorative panels and showpiece signage used for commercial building projects,” said Oliver.

Decorative panels for sporting pavilions Image: BlueScope Distribution

Creating distinctive spaces that provide protection, privacy, and light is the goal of good design. Being able to achieve that at scale with infrastructure projects and large commercial buildings is complex and requires creative problem-solving and supply chain management.

Precise Metal Products is trusted to support commercial builders with the help of BlueScope Distribution’s team.

“We may need a high volume of a particular product. BlueScope Distribution always have it in stock. They have the ability to deliver the next day. Their customer service and technical support is relied on by our business every day,” said Oliver.

Transforming spaces with custom manufacturing

Oliver has personally developed his entire business from marketing to production. The ARIAMESH™ range was developed as a tool for Architects and designers to use when specifying or sourcing screen products for their projects.

The acquisition of a CNC Router has helped Precise Metal Products further develop additional product ranges to service this space. The products are entirely custom, with the ability to convert images and customised artwork into bespoke patterns with specialised software and techniques.

Precise Metal Products’ CNC Turret Punch Image: BlueScope Distribution

Oliver has worked with Aluminium 5005 and 5052 products, manufacturing and supplying the screen product since he began the business.

“The BlueScope Distribution team are pretty knowledgeable if we need more information on a specific grade of aluminium, its application and suitability. They are responsive and in tune with our business” said Oliver.

This support helps Precise Metal Products provide the right information to their clients.

Advanced manufacturing and innovative design

Oliver and the team have helped transform many spaces in the community with the ARIAMESH™ range. It encapsulates many forms of media, including photography or business logos. The CNC manufacturing and software technology also allows abstract artwork, silhouettes or a combination of these to add a uniquely designed facade to new and existing buildings.

The product also provides functional elements such as sunscreen shading, barrier protection and ventilation.

The sheets are transformed with various sized holes or shapes to create the patterns, while ARIAMESH™ Platinum allows architects and designers alike more liberty with their design concepts to portray any image or custom artwork in perforated metal with outstanding clarity.

A valued partnership

When looking at Oliver’s achievements over the past few years, some are surprised to learn how quickly he and the team have grown and innovated.

“Precise Metal Products stay ahead of the market with innovative design, precise manufacturing and their unwavering attention to detail” said Buchanan.

BlueScope Distribution has worked closely with Precise Metal Products to ensure they receive the products, processing and solutions needed to succeed.

“If we need material that’s of a particular size and grade, BlueScope Distribution are exceptional with their customer service and technical knowledge,” said Oliver.

Precise Metal Products and BlueScope Distribution have a symbiotic relationship and will continue to innovate together for the Australian community.

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