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Blackwoods 2012 catalogue to reveal new ‘green’ workplace solutions

Blackwoods is launching a new range of ‘green’ workplace solutions, set to be revealed in the company’s 2012 product catalogue, out in March.

The catalogue will present over 20,000 new products, including the new Blackwoods Greener Workplace Range, complete with technical information, sizing and conversion charts. 

The 1,800-page catalogue reflects “the Blackwoods commitment to service the ever-growing needs of their diverse customer base, with the addition of new technologies and the broadest range of workplace essentials available,” according to the company.

Product types featured in the catalogue include:  Site Safety and Traffic Control; Industrial Fasteners; Welding; Abrasives; Personal Protective Equipment; Industrial Clothing and Footwear; Safety Products; Oils and Lubricants; Hand and Power Tools; Hygiene, Janitorial and Cleaning products.

The catalogue itself will be printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper, meaning it is from a sustainable source; Blackwoods says each step of the print, pack and delivery process has also been monitored and implemented to reduce the impact on the environment.

“To minimise the impact of the paper production, printing and transportation – Blackwoods has also taken the industry lead and purchased carbon offsets,” said Blackwoods. 


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