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Product: Mighty Lift

BILL Grant Engineering specialises in manufacturing steel water tanks, shed and custom one off installations.

However since designing Mighty Lift, things changed dramatically for this family-owned and operated business.

Mighty Lift is a portable ladder system comprising a trolley that can be winched up and onto the roof using only a hand winch.

The lightweight lifting device has been specially designed for installers who need to move heavy and bulky items such as air conditioners and solar units up, and onto single and double story roofs but don’t want the expense or added hassel of using cranes.

With a total weight of approximately 90kg, and mix and match pieces allowing for higher or longer reach, Mighty Lift offers users a safe, versatile and flexible lifting solution.

The product won the 2008 WorkSafe Victoria award for Best Health and Safety Initiative for small business and it has also been featured on the ABC’s New Inventors Program in February this year.

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