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Better not bigger science investment needed: Chubb

chief scientist, Ian Chubb, has said that research funding levels should be
examined and investment refocussed following cuts.

Speaking to The Australian Financial Review, Chubb said funding,
currently at $8.6 billion annually, should only be increased if it was for an identifiable

there is the case for more money, you make the case for more money for a
purpose, rather than more money simply because you could spend it,” he told The

about cuts to the CSIRO, universities and elsewhere in the May federal
budget, Chubb said these could be lamented, but this wasn’t the first time
budgets had been cut. It was a chance to move ahead and reinvest strategically.

do you pick the areas about which you have to have flourishing?” he said.

federal government’s national industry investment and competitiveness agenda is expected to be released later this year, and the areas it will cover will
include research/industry links, which Chubb and the government agree need

this month Chubb, who has been Chief Scientist since 2011, released his Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics: Australia’s Future

The report’s four pillars were focussed on building competitiveness, supporting education and training, increasing research potential and strengthening international engagement.

minister Ian Macfarlane said a formal response to the report would not be
given, but the government would be releasing initiatives shortly that “reinforced”
Chubb’s recommendations.

of competitive strength to be targeted by the government include agribusiness, energy, mining technology, medical technology and advanced manufacturing.

Image: Fairfax

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