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Bellamy’s looks globally as formula sales boom

Organic milk formula company Bellamy’s Australia is seeing massive revenue growth and is on its way to become a global business.

The Weekly Times reports that half-yearly earnings were $105.1 million, following last year’s net revenues of $125.3 million (after beginning the year with a forecast of $83.8 million).

Its 2014 sales were 85 per cent domestic, with exports to Singapore, Vietnam and other Asian markets on the rise.

Most of its organic milk supply comes from New Zealand and Europe, with only a small local supply of organic milk available. This was an area of opportunity for dairy farmers, said managing director Laura McBain.

“We source our milk powders from a global supply chain,” McBain told The Weekly Times.

“The reason is that, if you took the entire Australian ­organic milk supply, it would last us about a month.

“Bellamy’s Australia does not own processing plants, having made a decision early in its business operation to remain flexible and agile by remaining unencumbered by factories.”

Manufacturing is performed under contract by Tatura, Soon, this will also be provided by Fonterra.

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