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Band sawing machines

MEP Shark 282 CCS, SXI Evo, and NC Evo, band-sawing machines available from Power Machinery, offer different solutions to various cutting applications.

The Shark 282 CCS executes single cuts without the ned of an operator.

The basic 282 manual model forms the basis of the other models, each with additional features and enhancements.

The CCS (Cut Control System) executes single cuts without the need of an operator, the SXI Evo is a semiautomatic electro-hydraulic model with microprocessor, while the NC Evo is a fully automatic machine with a multi-microprocessor.

Safety features such as a main lockable disconnect switch, emergency stop, motor magneto thermal overload, minimum tension coil, and missing phase protection – all of which are clearly marked for easy identification – are common to all four models.

In addition, all four models have the IP55 control handle, wire brush for band cleaning, sliding vice (fast sideways positioning), wide rotating table mounted on a 265mm roller bearing (pre-wound, axial bearing), adjustable precision stops (0°, 45°, 60°, left, and 45° right), moving-equipment compatible, bimetal band (solids and sections), and the relevant service keys and instruction manual.

Common to the manual and CCS versions of the Shark 282 are a hydraulic transducer (so you can quickly see blade tension), steel base with pull-out coolant tank and electric pump for band lubrication and cooling, and loading table compatible stock support arm.

Controlled by a spring and hydraulic cylinder equipped with a speed regulation valve, the CCS allows the cutting in an autonomous manner with constant pressure. This CCS component can also be retrofitted to 282 machines in the field.

On the semiautomatic electro-hydraulic version of the 282, the SXI Evo, the head stroke is programmed according to the dimensions of the material to be cut. This is done quickly via the control panel and requires no mechanical adjustments.

A movable start/emergency device and check panel with LEDs to notify machine functions further enhance the SX.

The most sophisticated of the 282 machines is the NC Evo. This extends the functions of the SXI Evo model with a dual axis multi-microprocessor and bar feeding device enabling 32 different lengths and quantities from the same bar.

The automatic cycle consists of various programming options:

* Single cycle that cuts all pieces to the same length and stops once the cycle has been completed, indicating so with an acoustic/flashing alarm

* Continuous cycle which cuts different lengths from the same bar in sequence

* Single programming tailoring a single cycle using the controls and display

* A utility step can be used during any cycle to make the first cut and then stop to allow the operator to measure the cut.

The semiautomatic dynamic cycle expands the number cutting modes, and in addition to the automatic cycle allows the making of odd cuts without the need for programming cutting parameters.

Other features include a very informative control panel with a touch-tone polyester membrane keypad.

It has a 40-character/16-line display providing the operator with important information such as band speed and thickness, number of cuts, feed length, amps being drawn by the motor, band tension plus a host of diagnostics and caution messages.

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