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AXONVX brings Canberra on-demand connectivity to AWS, IBM and Microsoft clouds

NEXTDC Limited, Australia’s leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider today announced the C1 Canberra data centre has been connected to the AXONVX virtual exchange, opening up diverse, high-speed private connectivity to the host of carriers and cloud service providers connected to AXONVX in data centres around Australia, including major public clouds such as AWS, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

TransGrid is the first carrier to develop a secure network connection between the AXONVX nodes in NEXTDC’s C1 Canberra and S1 Sydney data centres, establishing national AXONVX connectivity for the ACT. AXONVX delivers intercapital services through carrier partners such as TransGrid, in the form of a dedicated circuit per customer for increased performance, reliability and choice.

Through AXONVX and NEXTDC’s Australia-wide ecosystem, C1 customers now have the ability to rapidly build and manage any number of hybrid cloud and technology solutions. AXONVX’s scalable, elastic cross-connects activate in minutes and are billed by the hour, giving flexibility and cost control to the user.

Representing the first AXONVX carrier partner to supply the ACT, TransGrid Executive General Manager Tony Meehan said, “After managing an extensive and diverse telecommunications network for more than 15 years, TransGrid Telecommunications is opening up its network, and offering a real alternative in backhaul services on key inter-capital and regional routes.”

TransGrid’s optical fibre network is the fifth largest in the country, integrating Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) strung above a secure and reliable electricity transmission network, with in-ground fibre cable paths and highly robust electricity substation locations for maximum integrity and security.

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie commented, “AXONVX will add to the services NEXTDC already provides to government agencies under the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel, and will enable greater efficiency and agility for NEXTDC's partners on the Commonwealth’s Cloud Services Panel.”

“Connectivity to the protected ICON network is available at C1, allowing government agencies to connect to C1 for their data centre needs and utilise AXONVX to securely access a host of additional cloud services.”

“The new connectivity options delivered by AXONVX will enable our expanding partner community to offer more services to the ACT and be part of the Federal Government’s ICT transformation. In combination, NEXTDC’s industry-leading co-location and our partners’ diverse cloud services represent a compelling offer to our government customers.”

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