Peter Haynes

The engineer inside the system

Now is not the time for engineering companies in Australia to be ‘retiring’ experienced design engineers, project engineers, and estimators. It has not been common practice in the past to electronically harness the decades of knowledge stored in the minds of these engineers, and when they leave the workplace, all this intellectual bounty goes with them.
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Putting the ‘man’ back into manufacturing

SINCE the industrial revolution the holy grail of manufacturing has been a fully automated system that runs on a demand basis at full efficiency and minimal labour cost. Yet the reality is that quality standards can only be guaranteed with human involvement and with consumers increasingly looking for product customisation, the assembly line approach is not cost effective.
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Fostering safety on our roads

One hundred per cent safety, all of the time. That’s the internal safety culture BOC actively promotes to all employees. That’s why the company has instituted Driver Safety, an innovative ongoing recognition and continuous safe driver awareness program.
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