Jack Lloyd

New $12 million program to accelerate industry capabilities to meet defence priorities

Defence Trailblazer’s new Accelerating Sovereign Industrial Capabilities (ASIC) funding program will fast-track the translation of defence R&D activities for the delivery of capabilities aligned to the new Sovereign Defence Industrial Priorities (SDIPs). Read More

CAREERONE: Advertise today, hire tomorrow

Discover the wealth of talent surrounding you, from job applicants to database matches. Utilise our dedicated tool tailored for the resource recovery industry to pinpoint the perfect candidate for your company.
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Navy Chiefs gather for Perth AUKUS event

The Chiefs of Navy for all three AUKUS nations will gather in Perth for the Indian Ocean Defence & Security conference and exhibition (IODS 2024) in July, after the recent announcement that the US Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lisa Franchetti will attend the event.
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Productivity: An essential ingredient for sustainable economic growth

The Productivity Commission’s recently released Annual Productivity Bulletin 2024 shows that Australia’s labour productivity fell sharply in 2022-2023, as a record-breaking increase in hours worked failed to generate a corresponding increase in economic output. COMMENT from Geoff Crittenden  –  CEO, Weld Australia
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