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Brewery’s Soaring Demand Triggers Search for Sustainable Oil-Free Air Solutions

Breweries require Class 0 oil-free air to ensure product quality. Even minimal traces of oil can negatively impact tastes and aromas. Class 0 oil-free air is used in multiple steps of the brewing process. Who knew oil-free air is a vital component of your favourite beer? Read More

Still working – ifm cables

Ifm takes pride in how robust and reliable its sensors are. In this video Glenn Thornton and Roland Denholm from ifm Australia test the products in some fun but challenging ways, all the while showing that their products are still working.
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Empowering the next generation of innovators with Altium’s tools

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are at the heart of modern electronics, driving innovations in countless industries from consumer electronics to aerospace. As the demand for skilled PCB designers grows, equipping the next generation with cutting-edge tools is more crucial than ever.
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ATSE welcomes quantum technology investment for QLD

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has welcomed the announcement of a new, almost $1 billion quantum computing investment in Queensland, announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic along with Queensland’s Premier Steven Miles. 

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Platinum ERP Solutions from BusinessHub

BusinessHub aims to empower manufacturers with tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, focusing on modernisation, scalability, and deep industry expertise. Learn about their commitment to continuous learning, their recent accolades, and future advancements. Manufacturers’ Monthly reports.
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Bubble Curtains: Safeguarding Freshwater from Salinization

One of the many consequences of a dryer climate is that water levels are slowly but surely decreasing. That, in turn, disrupts the fresh water supply and causes salinization problems. In collaboration with local and national governments, Atlas Copco Rental regularly supplies equipment for the installation of bubble curtains in waterways to limit the damage to the environment.
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Fiber laser and deburrer boosts MITS Alloy’s production efficiency and manufacturing capabilities.

Going from just a handful of employees to seventy-five in just a few short years is testament to the enormous popularity and demand for MITS Alloy’s range of heavy-duty aluminium Ute trays and canopies.
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