Georgia Willey

Still working – ifm cables

ifm takes pride in how robust and reliable its sensors are. In this video Glenn Thornton and Roland Denholm from ifm Australia test the products in some fun but challenging ways, all the while showing that their products are still working.
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Collaborating for the greener future of transportation in Victoria: Hyzon Australia and ICN Victoria

Amidst global efforts to combat climate change, the Victorian Government has outlined ambitious goals to reduce emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. The state’s Climate Change Act of 2017 establishes targets aimed at achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, with milestones along the way to track progress and ensure accountability.
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AUKUS gathering steam as Australia and US commit

From theory to practical implementation, the tripartite AUKUS agreement between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States is coming closer to cutting metal, or at least soil, for new nuclear-powered conventionally armed submarines.
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