Alexandra Haynes


Entegra dives into new era of Industry 4.0

To support continued growth, Entegra is modernising its welding operations across its facilities. Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out how working with BOC Limited to replace its welding machines has boosted efficiencies and built a path for the future.
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The time to move is now

The Australian Manufacturing Week showcased the full spectrum of industry. Paul Hellard, editor of Australian Manufacturing Technology magazine explains how the event is the centrepiece of a week-long celebration of Australian manufacturing.
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New battery technology offers safe hydrogen storage for industrial applications

A key focus for industrial sectors is the shift towards green energy and meeting net-zero goals. Global energy storage demands are reaching urgent capacity limits, capping the potential for renewable energy solutions. In response to this, LAVO – a climate technology company based in Sydney – has developed an integrated, scalable battery system that employs a metal hydride for the storage of hydrogen-based energy.
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Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling unit series − the ultimate in efficiency

The manufacturing world is facing increased challenges like labour shortages, material costs, transportation delays and low stocks, due to the current crisis. To add to that, is the emphasis on raising energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint, centring on climate solutions that simplify complex cooling needs through automation and connectivity.  
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Siemens technology underpins critical research on Australia’s reef systems

The Great Barrier reef is a spectacular ecological landscape, and home to thousands of unique marine species, from deep water corals to whales, sharks and sea turtles. The roughly 344,400 square kilometre tropical ecosystem is the largest living structure on the planet, and consists of 3,000 individual reefs, each with their own complex bio-diversity.
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Biomedical research

Biomedical research supported with $270m for two new facilities

NSW will be at the forefront of innovative health treatments under a $270 million investment in biomedical research, supporting the creation of two new facilities – the Sydney Biomedical Accelerator Complex in Camperdown and the Viral Vector manufacturing facility at Westmead. Read More

What is S&OP?

Sales and operations planning, or S&OP, is essentially an integrated business planning process, though some consider the latter more holistic and inclusive. Here, Jedox informs us what S&OP is, what it is used for and how it provides value to organisations.
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