Australia’s most trusted brand for over 40 years

Australian-owned for over 40 years – these words mean a great deal. Quality, longevity and reliability are at the heart of the Pilot Air story.

“Australian-owned, family-owned for over 40 years” – these words mean a great deal. Quality, longevity and reliability are at the heart of the Pilot Air story.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial-grade air compressors, Pilot Air has successfully serviced the industrial and commercial sectors for over four decades.

Its capability extends to designing, manufacturing, testing, installing and commissioning advanced compressed air technology. Pilot Air’s technical team offers superior and experienced advice, delivering high-performance air compressor solutions to some of Australia’s largest and best-known industrial and commercial brands.

From iconic theme parks to tier 1 retailers, racing teams, the defence industry, hospitals, food and beverage processing, agriculture, civil works, council water projects and leaders in material handling, its Australian-manufactured air compressors and equipment have broken new ground in reliability, performance and longevity.

Pilot Air’s durable and technologically advanced rotary screw air compressor systems lead the Australian market.

Its rotary screw fleet includes 4 Kw “PAC” Series mounted with dryer and storage right up to its signature Alta-Tec 315KW variable speed rotary screw model with state-of-the-art Two Stage air end, LOGIN advanced electronic controllers, high-efficiency energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

Pilot Air’as complete portfolio is engineered for intense workloads and continually outperforms the competition. If they don’t have what you need, they customise the design and manufacture one that does.

Pilot Air in the cities and the country 

You will find Pilot Air compressors all over Australia. Its Sydney and Brisbane manufacturing hubs are home to a complete service and maintenance division, spare parts inventory and a team of skilled technicians servicing the eastern seaboard and interior with precision and service.

They provide on and off-site maintenance scheduling and have a reputation as one of the best technical teams in the country. Your location is no obstacle – they have a distributor network that covers the country from the coastlines to the interior.

Pilot Air is a specialist air compressor manufacturer. Solving compressed air problems is all they do. Its hands-on personalised approach makes all the difference to your project, and it builds service into every transaction.

Pilot Air offers a comprehensive audit of your compressed air needs. They design, manufacture, test, install and commission a complete solution purposely configured for your requirements.

Pilot Air’s detailed strategy ensures your system is fit for purpose and future-proofed, enabling your business to confidently create a long-term plan with certainty in your compressed air infrastructure.

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