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Trump manufacturing advisor’s warning over Australia’s energy policy

President Donald Trump’s manufacturing czar has said Australia’s gas shipments overseas are piling pressure on domestic supply and forcing jobs offshore.

Darwin-born Andrew Liveris, CEO of US company Dow Chemical, has reportedly described Australia’s energy policy as “disastrous”.

“We have had brown outs and blackouts so how come we keep shipping gas overseas and not supply the domestic market?” Liveris said in the Courier-Mail.

“Australia needs a gas policy in order to value add. The reason I am working for Dow now is that in the 1970s they were looking for engineers to value add.”

The Bribane-born manufacturing expert has also backed key recommendations in the Finkel Review – although fears the clean energy report “is going to be left on the shelf”.

“We need to accelerate the development of other power sources as we move to a future which includes a carbon pricing mechanism,” he said.

“We cannot just be concerned about what is below the ground but what is above the ground, by which I mean people.”

Expressing his disappointment over President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement, Liveris also added that “we cannot let that move impede our collective progress to remove carbon from the atmosphere”.

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