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Australian Wool Network quadruples capacity at new factory

Australian Wool Network has launched a new Hysport factory at Carrum Downs, four times the size of the former factory.

ABC Rural reports that the company’s main business is still in trading wool, though manufacture and selling was becoming more important. It was also strengthening its traceability program.

"As we went around the bush and talked to most of our woolgrower clients, there's still a tendency for them not to know where their wool is going, what it's being used for, and with the shrinkage in the wool industry, it's become one of the reasons that people are leaving, because they just don't know enough," John Colley, managing director of AWN, told the ABC.

Queensland Country Life reports that AWN shifted from wool brokering to an integrated manufacturing and marketing operation when it bought Hysport International at Seaford.

The lower dollar had helped sales to overseas visitors, and garment output was up 25 per cent in the last four months, said Colley.

“Tourists want to expose themselves to an Australian made product that represents the country,” he told Country Life.

Separately, it was reported that the price of wool had fallen to its lowest level in four months. Elders told the ABC that prices would continue to stay low until the dollar stabilised.

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