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Australian Seabin invention expected to be in production early-2017

Viral sensation the Australian Seabin invention is in its final trials, with the team developing it in Europe anticipating production early next year.

Co-inventor Pete Ceglinski told ABC that a pilot trial at La Grande-Motte in France had created significant interest from private companies and cities.

An agreement had been signed with a French manufacturer, with production to take place in Europe, the United States and Australia, and availability in 17 countries.

The Seabin Project’s final design has just been completed, said Ceglinski, and he, co-inventor Andrew Turton and a staff of six are based in Mallorca.

“We’ve been doing strength testing, rigidity, floatation testing. When we are happy with that, in late September can we start the tooling for the final moulds and products,” Ceglinski told the ABC.

“Each version we’ve done has been better, perfecting each one … We have a solar powered 24-volt pump coming next week which we are really excited about.”

Helped by a YouTube video promoting the invention and attracting millions of views, the project attracted $300,000 in crowdfunding, the duo said in January.

Ceglinski said they are about half-way through that and don’t expect to make “any real money from the pre-sales until November”. They expect to sell 1,000 next year.

The pair, both keen surfers and best friends, came up with the invention after being frustrated by the amount of floating rubbish in the ocean.

The automated device sucks debris into a filter bag using a water pump.


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