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Australian quality key to exporting success

QUALITY continues to be the most important attrib ute of our local manufac turers’ products, but interesting ly an increasing number of exporters also believe country of origin plays an important role.

A high 30% of the businesses surveyed in a recent study by Roy Morgan Research for Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign now use the Australian made logo because they believe Australian products have a good reputation in export markets.

The survey, conducted in August and September 2010, sur veyed a wide range of businesses registered to use the AMAG logo.

“It is really encouraging to see that our local manufacturers understand that they can tap into the good reputation of Australian products to give their goods that unique selling point that may make buyers choose their products over those of their competitions. Quality and price are recognised as important, but so is country of origin. We’re thrilled to see businesses embrace the logo in export markets,” says Australian Grown Campaign chief execu tive, Ian Harrison.

The green and gold logo has been promoted in a wide range of export markets during the past five years with financial assistance from the Government. The promotions have included in-store retail promotions and participation in tradeshows, with financial assistance available to participating businesses.

The symbol is used on over 10,000 products sold in Australia and in export markets around the world. According to the lat est survey, key export markets for users of the logo include New Zealand, UK, USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and UAE/Dubai.

Local drum and materials han dling expert Hydrum has been manufacturing in Australia for more than 40 years and now export 35% of its goods — most to the markets identified as key export markets by the sur veyed businesses.

“Australian Made, global quali ty is the ideal terminology to use with our products as there is per fect synergy between those words and our products. Customers recognise the logo and are comforted that they will receive products that commonly exceed their expectations,” says Hydrum director, Mark Whittle.

The business’ largest market is China and its products are sought-after by a wide industry base from pharmaceuticals to paint/petrochemical and food and beverage industries. The key to success, according to Whittle, is the business’ ability to respond to market demands with customised, durable products.

“Hydrum continues to grow as an Australian manufacturer because it can customise any of our machines or create a special design to suit a specific applica tion. This is something that imported machines struggle to achieve. We promote our prod ucts as Australian using the logo because it provides quick visual confirmation that you’ve pur chased an Australian manufac tured product. We believe that these identifiers are recognised globally and customers know that the products conform to good engineering practice, syn onymous with a proud Australian manufacturer,” he said.

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