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Australian manufacturing to gain enhanced operational intellegence with Incontrol technology

New software developments from Intermec mean Australian manufacturing sector has access to greater visibility, security and increased efficiency.

Intermec Technologies, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions to the Australian supply chain sector, has announced the regional launch of INcontrol – device management software allowing businesses to efficiently track mobile technology assets, secure network investments and achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

INcontrol is designed to accommodate diverse user specifications and is accessible anytime via a secure web browser. The platform will help Australian manufacturing operations avoid downtime through access to both standardised and custom asset reports, allowing IT managers to examine the current state, location and utilisation of mobile computers and networks.

Importantly, through enhanced security features, INcontrol also promotes the protection of vital business data. Mobile computing devices that feature INcontrol can be remotely wiped if lost or if they have not checked into the network within a specified period of time.

The next-generation of managed service models are a response to the increased need for in-depth visibility into the mobile workforce, as enterprises look to improve operational efficiency and raise overall output,’ said Stephen Drake, Program Vice President, IDC Research. ‘By shifting real-time monitoring and remote trouble-shooting to the experts, businesses are able to analyse their overall efficiency in a way not possible before.’

INcontrol is available in three different platforms:

  • INview: a basic device management option offering device inventory, including monitoring of device status and serial numbers, asset reports and telephone technical support
  • INsync: a robust device management option offering which includes INview services plus proactive monitoring, remote troubleshooting, device statistics and management, real-time information on battery life, power status and customized email and SMS alerts
  • INcommand: a full wireless network management option which includes INsync services plus monitoring of WLAN and/or WWAN status and signal strength, network troubleshooting and printer tracking, as well as monitoring of WWAN data usage, SMS, email and phone history
  • ‘Protecting business networks and device investments is fundamental in managing IT and operational costs, along with greater visibility and having remote control over the investments,’ said Tony Repaci, Intermec’s General Manager of Australia and New Zealand.

‘Through Intermec’s new INcontrol technology, Australian organisations are able to maximise their mobile devices and networks securely, all while knowing that their data is protected and they are operating more efficiency than before.’

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