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Australian manufacturing boost at UTS with Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

Australia’s manufacturing sector will be supported by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with new Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) that will work closely with industry to understand and explore how communication technologies, devices connected to the internet (Internet of Things, IoT) and data science can make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

This has become even more imperative in the current COVID-19-led focus on economic strengths and renewal, and consideration of a smart way for manufacturing in Australia to meet local, regional and international needs.

Advanced manufacturing will be a clean, green and flexible approach to developing smart products for manufacture in Australia and will secure on-shore jobs.

The key driver of the Centre is to give Australian manufacturers the skills to maintain and expand manufacturing activities in Australia, including supporting a growth in the number of jobs.

Centre Director Professor Jochen Deuse said CAM will be a bridge to the manufacturing industry, actively engaging with the profession and that consultation with leading industry experts will inform its strategic direction.

“‘We want to be the first choice for industry collaboration and to supply graduates to work in a dynamic and agile industry,” he said.

“The Centre will be a catalyst for strong, lasting industry partnerships, allowing us to support increased self-sufficiency/on-shoring of Australian manufacturing.”

CAM is already working with Balluf, Marley Flow Control, Siemens and RapidMiner and on jointly-funded projects with Alrick Healthcare, Innovation Connections, Defence Innovation Network and Australian Wool Innovation.

Industry training will be at the core of CAM activities, developing innovative approaches to manufacturing education with short courses responsive to the quickly changing needs of industry.

The Centre aims to be:

  • Australia’s leading research centre in advanced manufacturing, with the most advanced manufacturing facilities of any university (including Tech Lab, ProtoSpace, and Industry 4.0 testbeds)
  • number one choice as university collaborator for Australian manufacturers, with a reputation for doing fundamental and applied industry-relevant research with measurable impact leading a revolution in advanced manufacturing education with graduates ready for the global workplace and future leadership in Australian manufacturing.

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