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Australian Made to launch “Get The Australian Advantage” campaign

Australian Made Campaign is launching an initiative to promote country of
origin labelling tomorrow.

campaign, which is the only in Australia administering the Australian Made,
Australian Grown logo, will launch “Get The Australian Advantage”, which will
run throughout next month.

“Research shows that country-of-origin branding has a direct
impact on purchasing behaviours, in Australia and overseas – and our reputation
for making and growing products and produce is strong on both fronts,” said the
organisation’s chief executive, Ian Harrison, in a statement.

“The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is by far the
most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol for Australia, so we are
encouraging businesses to use the logo in their marketing efforts, providing of
course that their products are eligible.”

The AMAG logo will celebrate its 28th anniversary this year. The non-profit AMC is funded by the licence fees members
pay to display the distinctive logo.

describes the logo as a great asset for manufacturers and primary producers,
and worth including in a company’s marketing efforts.

“We are urging businesses to ‘Get the Australian Advantage’
by leveraging this powerful marketing tool,” he said.

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