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Australian LED lighting innovator wins patent case

enLighten Australia, owner of the Chamaeleon LED light’s Australian
Innovation Patent has successfully defended its patent against two local
companies, resulting in the removal of the imported copies of the Chamaeleon
LED light from the Australian market.

enLighten CEO Steve Cahill comments that the company will actively continue to
protect their Australian innovation from a growing number of copycat products
that are being imported into the local lighting market.

He explained that enLighten had invested over two years of R&D, in-field
testing, customer trials and building manager feedback into the Chamaeleon’s
unique design, which specifically takes into account compliance with the
Australian Standards and Building Code requirements. However, some imported
products offering a one-size-fits-all solution are not delivering compliant
lighting solutions in many cases.

What’s the risk and how should
customers protect themselves?

If a company or building owner has patent-infringing products installed
in their premises, they may be required to pay a fine or remove the

Steve advises that potential purchasers can protect themselves by ensuring they
are purchasing products that do not infringe any patent. This confirmation
should be requested in sales contract documentation that the product supplied
does not breach any patent.

About Chamaeleon LED lights

The Chamaeleon LED light won the 2012 National Cleantech Open Award,
which has since been rebranded the Australian Technologies Competition,
for its innovative design and delivery of up to 93% energy savings for fire
stair and car parks including emergency lighting.

The Chamaeleon was also recognised at the 2011 NSW Green Globe Awards,
where it won the Environmental Innovation Award along with enLighten, which won
the Energy Award for its overall contribution to sustainability through energy
saving initiatives. 

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