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Australian Government developing new net zero industry plan

The Australian Government is developing a plan to articulate how Australian industries like manufacturing, will transition to a Net Zero economy by 2050.

The plan will set out government priorities, policies and measures to drive down emissions and will support investment in low emissions and renewable activities.

The industrial sector plan is focused on subsectors that represent the greatest opportunity for decarbonisation and that will be most impacted by the transition to net zero.

The plan will cover:

  • manufacturing;
  • alumina and aluminium;
  • waste and resource recovery;
  • chemicals and plastics;
  • iron and steel;
  • cement and concrete;
  • food and beverages;
  • pulp and paper;
  • metals refining and smelting; and;
  • synthetic greenhouse gases.

The Minister for Industry and Science is responsible for developing the plan with the Minister for Climate Change and Energy in consultation with the Minister for Environment and Water.

The sector plans will consider any cross-cutting and sector-specific issues including valuing emissions reduction and removing blockers to action.

The sectoral plans will also consider key enabling technologies to support emissions reductions or removals.

The Australian Government will be consulting throughout 2024 to support the plan’s development.

Consultation on the green metals industry opened on 5 May 2024 and will help inform the Net Zero Plan.

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