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Australian geospatial specialists sign tech agreement

Perth-based geospatial technology developer Pointerra has entered into a commercial agreement with the southern hemisphere’s largest solutions company in the field.

A technology licence and business association agreement has been signed with AAM to commercialise Pointerra’s 3D data technology.

Under the agreement, Pointerra is also licensed to sell access to AAM’s 3D data through its own marketplace.

“Pointerra’s vision is to lead the world in 3D data by providing actionable 3D information used to power digital asset management solutions across a range of sectors,” said Pointerra’s managing director Ian Olson.

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“The Technology Licence and Business Association Agreement represent an important milestone in Pointerra’s commercialisation strategy.

“The common theme of these relationships and agreements is to monetise Pointerra’s technology [and] to add to Pointerra’s world-first 3D data library.”

AAM specialises in collecting, analysing and delivering geospatial information and has almost 500 professional and custom-aircraft at work in Australia, New Zealand, India, Southeast Asia and Africa.

“By partnering with Pointerra we have added a step-change in dimension and scale by being able to visualise and promote access for our customers to our considerable library of 3D datasets,” said AAM’s CEO Mark Freeburn.

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