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Australian fabricators and manufacturing well positioned to be global OEM facilitators, Spiers says

Established engineering company Spiers Engineering Pty Ltd believes Australian fabricators are strongly equipped to be OEM facilitators for projects all around the world.

Despite the wrongly perceived burden of distance, there are a number of reasons why Australian manufacturers can facilitate around the world.

Managing Director of Spiers Engineering, Mr Bob Spiers observes that global companies involved in all types of large scale projects in just about any industry will source globally for the right combination of price, quality and delivery schedules.

Australian manufacturers such as Spiers Engineering with a track record in supplying these requirements to regions including the USA and UK should be looked at more closely because their strengths in quality and repetition are among the best in the world.

According to Mr Spiers, the challenge lies in educating procurement specialists at global companies to more strongly look at manufacturers in this part of the world, particularly when it comes to producing line items that need adherence to strict manufacturing deadlines, technical specifications and high quality standards.

One obstacle identified by Mr Spiers as a critical one requiring attention is converting the casual purchasers into long-term repeat customers.

The key ingredient is to consult more closely at a management level and educate procurement personnel at companies from Europe, North America and the established economies of Asia on the calibre of the Australian industrial sector.

Mr Spiers explains while their OEM work for overseas based companies is growing, often it has been a case of when a purchaser sources a bit of work, the likely scenario is that something was needed in a hurry or outside of an original plan. However, the procurement person often has no strict contingency policy from anyone further up their line of command to continue with Spiers on an ongoing basis.

Spiers Engineering nevertheless, ensures their performance is always fast, accurate and within budget, resulting in continuous growth in their exported OEM manufacturing.

OEM jobs are more than just fabrication to Spiers. One of the key differentiators is to be armed with sub-components that work seamlessly with the original specifications. For example, Spiers performs manufacturing for transmission boxes and other equipment for a mining supply company, and only buys their spares to ensure continuity of product and seamless technical integration.

Spiers offers experience and expertise, already supplying various global OEMs and acting as agent and manufacturer on their behalf; therefore expanding this portfolio would suit the company well. Mr Spiers has no doubt other Australian manufacturers feel the same about their global capabilities.

Among the product types manufactured by Spiers for OEMs on an ongoing basis are dampers, absorbers, couplings and power transmission products mainly for the energy, mining and heavy construction sectors.

The company also has proven capability for modifications, additions, or replacement of OEM parts for plant equipment and machinery.

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