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Australian company builds first nano-carbon ‘clean room’ in the US

Australia’s Eden Energy is near completing construction of a commercial-scale nano-carbon materials prototype production unit in the United States.

The facility includes a new ‘clean room’ for handling nano-carbon materials, with first production of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibres for the electronics industry due to comment in August.

The plant will produce nano-carbon materials using a process called ‘pyrolysis’ for commercial application in batteries and electronic paper.

According to Eden Energy, the company has received encouraging preliminary results for use of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibres in concrete and various forms of plastics.

Indian concrete manufacturers are reportedly interested to test Eden’s nano-carbon materials.

The company’s new facility will be capable of producing up to 100 tonnes of carbon nanofibres per year, together with up to 33 tonnes of hydrogen at full production.

This unit will incorporate two different sized reactors to help determine the optimum size for future units.


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