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Australian companies link-in with the world

The 2009 Global Integration Award went to Aunew Group Holding with highly commended awards going to WA-based shipbuilder Austal and Ronstan International.

WITH two Goods Administration (TGA) /GMP certified pharmaceuticals plants located in Sydney and Auckland, Australian company Aunew Group Holding, is the largest contract manufacturer in Australasia for the Chinese and other South East Asian health food market.

The company has set up an office and a wholesale/retail store in Beijing China, and a distribution office in Hong Kong. The facilities were set up to meet the unique demand of exporting to the Asian market.

Aunew’s director, Karl Ye, proudly accepted the 2009 Global Integration Award telling Manufacturers’ Monthly winning this award was both “exciting and surprising”.

“Compared to the other finalists, Aunew is comparatively new to mainstream manufacturers,” Ye said.

“Firstly the award will serve as encouragement for our staff for all their efforts.

“Secondly it will offer a good opportunity to promote Aunew and its ‘one stop’ service for contract manufacturing and exporting to China.

“It will also allow more Australian manufacturers to understand the company better and take advantage of its facilities and services,” he explained.

The company’s ‘one stop’ services and specially designed facilities has proved to be very attractive to many migrant companies who want to build their own brand and export to Asian countries.

Following successful implementation and continually improvement of the services and facilities, Aunew has been in the best position to take advantage of the booming Asian economy during the last 10 years.

The company’s turnover and profit have increased by 1100%, and have created many employment opportunities for Aunew as well as for the many Asian businesses. Aunew’s number of employees has grown by 1000% over the past decade.

Most overseas marketing was done through the existing connection of it clients. By offering many new migrants a complete and professional service from “business idea” to finished products under their own brand, Aunew and its customers have benefitted greatly from the customer’s overseas marketing resources with a ‘win-win’ co-operation.

Highly Commended

Another company that impressed the 2009 Endeavour Award judges was West Australian shipbuilder Austal.

In the late 1990s, the company identified opportunities for its Australian designed and built high speed aluminium vessels within the US market. The Jones Act prevented Austal from producing ships for US customers from Australia, so Austal commenced establishing its own facilities in the US.

Originally established in 1999, Austal’s Mobile, Alabama shipyard now delivers unique high speed aluminium vessels, not previously available to US customers. Significant inter-site transfer between the Mobile yard and the headquarters in Western Australia ensures Austal’s quality culture is maintained.

Since the inception of the US yard, the Australian shipbuilder has adopted a deliberate strategy of carefully growing the capacity and skills of the shipyard in order to be able to confidently deliver larger high performance aluminium vessels.

After just eight years, Austal USA now boasts the largest trained workforce for the construction of aluminium high speed vessels in the US, currently employing more than 1100 workers.

While enjoying considerable success in the passenger ferry market, it has been recent US defence orders that has really brought the Australian company to global manufacturing stage.

Last November Austal was selected as prime contractor for the US Department of Defence’s 103m Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) as part of a 10 vessel program potentially worth more than A$1.6bn.

Highly Commended

Beginning as a backyard operation over 50 years ago, today Ronstan has offices around Australia with its primary manufacturing plant in Melbourne handling close to five million units each year, contributing to an annual turnover of $34m.

The company has developed into one of the top three players in the international sailboat hardware market, with offices in six countries, customers in forty countries and major suppliers in ten countries.

Ronstan has continued to develop innovative products. In 2008 Ronstan won the coveted “Dame” Award at the Amsterdam METS Trade show, for the most innovative deck hardware. This is the top award in the marine industry.

Opportunities have been identified, distributors have been established and changed, offices have been set up and the brand and products have been marketed through a program of direct market visits and trade show participation over a period of forty years.

Ronstan currently has 30 employees overseas and has a further 10 employees in Melbourne who visit overseas markets on a regular basis.

In developing Ronstan’s supply chain arrangements, the company has made direct investment in a manufacturing operation in Denmark, a manufactured product line in the US and company owned distribution offices in the US, UK and Denmark.

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