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Australian CEO becomes Donald Trump’s new manufacturing ‘tsar’


According to a report in the Australian Financial Review (AFR),  well-known Australian businessman Andrew Liveris has been recruited by Donald Trump to help bring back American manufacturing jobs.

The chief executive of US multinational giant Dow Chemical, Liveris was appointed chair of the President-elect’s American Manufacturing Council.

Liveris has led the manufacturing giant Dow for the past 12 years in Michigan, a so-called “rust belt” state where working class voters helped propel Trump to his presidential election win last month, noted the AFR.

Liveris is also a close acquaintance of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and is a member of the Turnbull government’s Industry Growth Centres Advisory Committee.

He was described by Donald Trump as “one of the most respected businessmen in the world”, according to the AFR.

Darwin-born Liveris has gone on record to claim that US economic growth could rise to 4 per cent per year.

“If the US economy can hit 4 per cent growth, that’s not only good for America, it’s good for the world,” Liveris told the AFR.

The son of Greek migrants, 62-year old Liveris is currently finalising a $US130 billion merger and of Dow and DuPont, a deal that is expected to be executed early next year if European authorities approve it.

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