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Australian business packages, exports air to China

Two Sydney-based entrepreneurs are harvesting and selling air from Australian locations and are targeting the Chinese export market.

Fairfax and others report that Green & Clean began selling the cans, available for $18.80 each, as a novelty item for tourists. Exports have begun, with Chinese personal shoppers also buying cans here and sending these back home.

There are roughly 130 deep breaths of air per can, according to the report, with air sourced from Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, the Yarra Valley, New Zealand and Tasmania.

“There is real interest in having some clean air from places they trust,” co-founder John Dickinson told Fairfax.

According to a study by University of California, Berkeley academics published last year, around 4,000 Chinese die each day due to poor air quality.

“Some parts of the world do not enjoy the same high air quality as Australia and New Zealand. Many of our clients tell us that breathing our clean air makes them feel better and they believe it helps with their health and wellbeing,” the company’s website reads.

“You can now enjoy premium air from some of Australia and New Zealand’s greenest and cleanest locations.”

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