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Australia-US Advisory Board to promote healthcare research

A new partnership between the Australian Advisory on Technology and Healthcare Competitiveness and the United States Council on Competitiveness promises to promote technology and innovation in the healthcare sector.

The partnership was announced jointly by the Minister for Jobs and Innovation the Hon. Michaelia Cash MP and the Health Minister the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, referring to it as “an important step” towards forming an alliance with the United States Council on Competitiveness on technology, healthcare and innovation.

The partnership will see the formation of a new advisory board, which will be co-chaired by Charles Kiefel OAM, Distinguished Fellow of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils, Larry Marshall, CEO of CSIRO, and Jane Wilson, director of Sonic Healthcare Ltd.

The alliance began after a Letter of Intent was signed by the United States Council on Competitiveness in December last year, when the US Competitiveness Council’s President and CEO Deborah Wince-Smith had referred to the collaboration among the American and Australian industry leaders as a way for them to “maintain their position at the forefront of rapidly accelerating technological change.”

The alliance supports cooperation between Australian and US companies, research institutions and national laboratories in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

Their first job will be to establish a new Australia-US Chief Technology Officer Dialogue later this year to promote business and research collaboration in areas including health technologies, cyber security, and artificial intelligence.

The CTO dialogue will build on the activities of the Council of Competitiveness under its Technology Leadership Strategy Initiative (TLSI), which draws on nearly 50 Chief Technology Officers from America’s premier companies, vice presidents of research as leading research institutions, and deputy directors of America’s national laboratories to make the business case for strategic, prioritised investments in the research, talent and infrastructure necessary for tech-based innovation.

The partnership is part of the Government’s commitment to medical research and the development of new and innovative treatments.

The United States Council on Competitiveness is a nonpartisan leadership group of CEOs, university presidents, labour leaders and national laboratory directors with focus on taking initiatives in areas of innovation frontiers, CTO policy advocacy, advanced computing, energy and manufacturing.

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