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Australia anode breakthrough to boost electric car makers

An Australian mining company is in discussions with leading anode manufacturers after making a “major breakthrough” in the production of battery-grade graphite.

Kibaran Resources claims to have perfected a “groundbreaking” and “environmentally friendly” graphite purification method using non-toxic chemicals, which could advance the electric vehicle market in Asia.

The new purification process uses simple acids that are readily available in Tanzania and does not use hydrofluoric acid, which is currently being used by all manufacturers of battery spherical graphite, globally.

“The new process would assist the company to secure a large portion of the battery graphite market,” said Kibaran managing director, Andrew Spinks.

He also noted the breakthrough came on the back of an increase in anode manufacturing, especially in China.

The company is now in negotiations with anode manufacturers in China, Japan and South Korea.

“Recent visits to the major anode manufacturers has allowed us to see first hand that the growth and demand of spherical-grade graphite is much greater than expected,” Spinks continued.

“This, combined with all the recent announcements by major car manufacturers concerning the shift to electric vehicles, will be the lead to an even larger demand for graphite.”

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