Australian-based company partners with US top 12 defence industrial base

WhiteHawk, a global online cyber security exchange that enables small-to-medium businesses to take smart action against cybercrime, has entered into a contract to provide its 360 Cyber Risk Framework to a US top 12 defence industrial base company for supply chain risk management.

The top 12 defence industrial base company, with an annual revenue of more than $5 billion, has partnered with WhiteHawk, whose headquarters are in Australia, to implement the framework.

The contract includes provisioning of SaaS subscription, online and consulting services for supply chain business risk awareness, alerting and continuous monitoring.

In addition, WhiteHawk will supply cyber security risk rating, alerts and continuous monitoring, cyber security risk profile and scorecards for an initial 50 supply chain companies in support of the customer’s current and future federal contracts.

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Upon completion of setup and configuration, the customer will have the ability to view and monitor the identified suppliers’ cyber security risk ratings and the comprehensive business ecosystem dashboard that includes business, technical and security risks.

This initial contract allows for two phases – one in 2018 and one in 2019 for up to an initial 50 companies for a total of more than $400,000.

WhiteHawk executive chair, Terry Roberts, said the US defence industrial base is a top cyber target and its supply chain companies are often the weak link when not effectively monitored and notified of those risks and then provided enablement to address them continuously and in real time.

WhiteHawk launched in 2016 as a cyber risk advisory service.

Now it helps US companies to connect to content, solutions and service provides through evolving its rich data and user experience.