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Project: Ferry and Catamaran Export

AUSTAL is currently Western Australia’s largest manufacturing exporter, achieving $383.9m in export revenues for 2007-08. Austal successfully increased its WA export revenues by 20% on the previous financial year and reported a record net profit of $52m.

Throughout its 20-year history, Austal has delivered more than 200 vessels to 36 individual countries, and proudly lists among its customers many of the world’s leading commercial operators, navies and police forces.

The ship builder’s ability to secure new export orders in a competitive market environment can be attributed to the following distinguishing factors: large in-house design capability; ability to customise designs based on strong operational knowledge; large production capacity for prompt delivery; financial and technical strength; advanced manufacturing techniques and a huge investment in training; new equipment and facilities; and strong service and support network

With a strong focus on customised design solutions matched to operator requirements, Austal does not follow a one size fits all approach to vessel design.

Each new vessel has a unique hull platform, propulsion system and general arrangement optimised for the owner’s operational requirements, sea conditions and intended route following an intense pre-contract design phase.

In addition to traditional fast ferry markets, Austal is currently working with existing operators to develop low-speed adaptations of our catamaran designs targeted for routes where conventional steel ships now operate, paving the way for new market opportunities in addition to the burgeoning military applications for high speed aluminium ships.

The basis of all marketing at Austal is thorough product and market knowledge and a strong sense of direction. Geographical disadvantage from the marketplace is easily overcome with frequent market visits.

One characteristic that distinguishes Austal’s marketing team is their relevant background in Naval Architecture, ‘hands-on’ experience and technical knowledge rather than being just ‘salespeople’.

This advantage instils customer confidence and importantly brings together the link between marketing and the design process.

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