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Aussie company to supply plastic bags to 60,000 Chinese households

Australian bioplastics company Cardia has been awarded a $260,000 contract from the Nanjing Government to supply ‘green’ household kitchen waste bags to the Nanjing area. 

The contract is a 6-month trial, and the renewable Biohybrid bags will be made at Cardia’s Nanjing facility.

Biohybrid bags reportedly contain less oil and have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic bags.

Under the contract, Cardia will supply 10 million waste bags to 60,000 households around Nanjing.

If the contract is extended, Cardia could be supplying plastic bags to the whole Nanjing population of 7 million people.

“The Cardia renewable Biohybrid and certified compostable products also meet the Chinese packaging regulations enacted in June 2008,” said Cardia director and head of Chinese operations," Jackie Chen.

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