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Aussie company accredited, ensures manufacturing standards

Wilderness Wear, 100 per cent Australian owned and Australian made outdoor clothing manufacturer, has been accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), Australia’s accreditation organisation for the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Industry.

With more and more Aussie manufacturers closing their manufacturing units in Australia and relocating them offshore specifically Asia, the ECA accreditation will ensure that consumers make an informed choice for ethical shopping and all the persons involved in the production have received fair wages and good working conditions.

Producing locally and responsibly has been the key motive of the company, which will now also invest in plant, systems and staff training as a part of the company’s culture of continuous improvement, Phil Endersbee, Wilderness Wear founder and director said.

According to Endersbee, with the ECA accreditation, Wilderness Wear wanted its customers to be sure that all products manufactured by the company have met legal obligations and standards throughout the supply chain.

Recently Australian football manufacturer Sherrin suspended its offshore production in India, after a subcontractor breached Sherrin’s manufacturing standards and and allowed footballs for AFL’s program Auskick to be stitched outside the facility, hiring children for the production of a small quantity of its footballs.

ECA’s national manager Simon McRae said “While more and more well-known Australian outdoor clothing brands are produced off shore Wilderness Wear continues to produce high quality products in Australia. We’re proud they are accredited.”

Wilderness Wear believes in producing ethically, and uses fibre and materials such as musled-free wool that are environmentally friendly and traceable, and being a self-manufacturer, it monitors everything they produce, to packaging from 100 per cent post-consumer waste boards and papers.

“We enjoy the outdoors and we believe Wilderness Wear should do its best to protect the very resources that make this possible” Endersbee stated.

Wilderness Wear is committed to remain in Australia and manufacture quality Australian products at internationally recognised standards, the reports.

The company has been successfully manufacturing premium quality socks and clothing engineered to perform in harsh climates for over two decades in Australia.

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