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Aussie carpet manufacturer to restart manufacturing unit in Sydney

Interface Australia, a subsidiary of the U.S. based company Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial modular carpet has announced that it will rebuild its manufacturing facility in Sydney after a fire destroyed the company’s Picton factory in July earlier this year.

The company has been manufacturing carpet in Australia for over 40 years, and is committed to continue manufacturing in Australia.

Interface Australia's managing director Clinton Squires said "while of lot of companies are moving offshore we really want to be close to our customers."

“Restarting manufacturing here in Australia is an economic imperative in this tight financial environment.”

Squires went on to say that “this will allow us to serve our customers' needs with industry leading service levels, while maintaining the flexibility to continue to offer the local market a broad range of custom and made-to-order products with short lead times."

Interface is considering rebuilding the manufacturing facility at an existing building located in southwest Sydney, but it remains subject to negotiation, the PR Newswire reports.

According to the company, the site’s size and location will allow to combine manufacturing from Picton and the warehousing facility at Eastern Creek under one roof.

"From a sustainable point-of-view it is important to note we will not only be manufacturing locally, with new equipment, but that the proposed site is much more efficient," Squires stated.

Interface is not considering rebuilding the factory in Picton as it is not economically practical and will cause delay to get employees back to work, as well as push back local production.

The decision was confirmed late last week by the Board of Directors of the Atlanta, Georgia (USA)-based company.

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