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AUKUS license-free export environment

In a recent announcement Australia’s Department of Defence welcomed the US government’s efforts to simplify export control licensing requirements for AUKUS trilateral partners.

The department of Defence stated the steps from the US government is significant and tangible and will revolutionise collaboration between partners, enabling unprecedented levels of scientific, technological and industrial cooperation and co-development.

As part of the license-free environment, the United States Department of Commerce announced that Australia and the United Kingdom will be provided with a national exemption from the Export Administration Regulations.

Stating this will reduce the burden associated with US export licences for dual-use goods to Australia, valued at almost $3.1billion.

The decision follows the passage of the National Defence Authorisation Act for Fiscal Year 2024 in December 2023 that established a full national exemption for Australia and the United Kingdom from United States export control licensing requirements for military end use items.

In the Australian department of defence announcement, it was stated that the US action is complemented by the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Act 2024 that passed through the Australian Parliament in March 2024. The Act provides a reciprocal national exemption for the United States and United Kingdom from Australia’s export control permit requirements.

Australia will release amendments to the Defence Trade Controls Regulation 2013 and Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958 for public consultation.

The proposed amendments to the regulations will give effect to specific elements of the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Act 2024.

The Australian department of Defence announced a new licence-free environment will support the industry, higher education, and research sectors in all three nations to cooperate with lower technology transfer barriers and costs of trade.

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