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Students bond with new augmented reality welding technology

Students are accessing augmented reality technology simulation, allowing them to consolidate their welding competence and fast track their skills.

The new Advanced Welder Training Centre (AWTC) at Regency Campus has 12 augmented reality welding simulators which can provide instant feedback on student performance, maximise safety and enhance the development of welding techniques through multiple practice welding without the need for time-consuming material preparation.

Simulators will assist local welders to become job ready and respond to the increased demand for their skills as part of the Australian government’s $90 billion continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program.

The Naval Shipbuilding College’s Paul Whetstone congratulated TAFE SA for being an innovator of industry-leading technologies.

“The College is a facilitator which helps to align training and educational institutions nationally to the needs of naval shipbuilding industry, so graduates are job-ready,” said  Whetstone.

“We collaborated with TAFE SA and Weld Australia in the analysis of welding and pipe welding requirements, specifically for naval shipbuilding industry requirements.

“The opening of the centre supports our recommendations that welding simulators be incorporated with traditional welding training to speed up the development of welding skills in novice welders,” he said.

The rate at which technology advances within naval ship construction techniques is very rapid, so having people who are experienced and willing to embrace new technologies is a step in the right direction, said Whetstone.

Last year the TAFE SA welding qualification was the first in Australia to be endorsed by the College. The Naval Shipbuilding College was established in 2018 by the Australian Government to identify and support the development of a highly skilled national workforce that will be required to deliver the $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

A Workforce Register is operated by the College which enables first time entrants, people transitioning from adjacent industries or up-skilling within the industry to connect with employers or education providers so they are job-ready and able to enter, or progress within the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

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