Atlas Copco LT series high pressure piston compressors – TRULY BUILT TO LAST!

Be it laser/plasma cutting, fire suppression, tyre inflation, or an abattoir, they all need high pressure compressed air. Screw compressors are great machines when it comes to low and medium pressure air, although when talking high pressure, there’s just one answer i.e. the Mighty Piston Compressors.

In a world of piston compressors with modest duty cycles, the Atlas Copco LT series stands tall, offering
an impressive 100% duty cycle. Here’s why they are a game-changer:

Robust Performance: the LT series compressors are 2-stage or 3-stage reciprocating wonders. They handle pressures ranging from 15 to 40 bar (218 to 580 psi) without breaking a sweat.

Precision Craftsmanship: Picture automotive-style cylinders crafted from high-silicon aluminum alloy. These boast low-tolerance finishing, ensuring minimal clearance and friction. Plus, the die-cast aluminum crankcases and finned cylinder heads keep things cool-literally-for optimal longevity.

Reliable Partners: When operations depends on compressed air-think manufacturing and critical
processes-the LT series steps up.

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Dive into the details and discover why the “LT” series is the heartbeat of dependable compressed air.

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