Atlas Copco Compressors’ GAVSD IPM compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors is releasing a new range of variable speed demand (VSD IPM) compressors, alternatives to its traditional VSD range: the GA 18-22 VSD IPM and GA 45-75 VSD IPM.

These new VSD compressors use Altas Copco Compressors’ in house developed internal permanent magnet (IPM) motor technology in a horizontal drive train patented configuration, in combination with a variable speed drive and unique air compressor inverter, to offer superior IE4 efficiencies. 

The innovative and compact compressor is a new addition to its VSD and VSD+ range and continues Atlas Copco Compressors’ focus of reducing size and increasing energy efficiency for its customers. 

Atlas Copco Compressors will first offer GAVSD IPM compressors in two capacity ranges: 18 to 22 kW and 45 to 75 kW. Before the end of the year, it intends to expand the range it offers within these ranges.

Key Features:

• Setting a new benchmark in energy efficiency the IPM motor technology reduces energy consumption, on average, by at least 35 to 40 per cent when compared with similar market offerings from competitors.

• Compact size reduced footprint the GS VSDIPM’s innovative and compact design results in a smaller carbon footprint. 

• Service friendly design minimising downtime due to service activities

• Reliability a robust cooling system makes it dependable in the harshest of conditions.