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Assistance available for SA Mitsubishi workers

MINISTER for Human Services, Senator Joe Ludwig, announced on Friday that the Australian Government will ensure that help is provided to those workers affected by the closure next month of Mitsubishi’s car manufacturing plant at Tonsley Park in Adelaide.

“This is obviously a very difficult and uncertain time for workers and their families and Centrelink stands ready to do all they can to help them,” Senator Ludwig said.

“Printed information about redundancy is being provided to workers over the next few days and Centrelink will have staff onsite from 19 February to provide information directly to workers.

“The staff, from Centrelink’s Financial Information Service, will conduct a series of seminars for workers to provide information about the assistance while they transition to their next job.

“The Financial Information Service Officers can explain the impact of redundancies on eligibility to Centrelink benefits and any effect on payments people might already be receiving, such as family or child care payments.

“The Financial Information Service Officers will also conduct one-on-one interviews with workers to discuss their individual circumstances.”

“Centrelink staff are very experienced in handling these types of situations and understand that this is an extremely stressful time for the workers and their families.”

Senator Ludwig said separated parents may also be affected by the closure of the Mitsubishi plant in Adelaide, and is encouraging those workers to contact the Child Support Agency.

“Separated parents affected by this closure should contact the Child Support Agency on 131 272 or visit their local regional service centre so they can find out about their options and how child support may be able to be adjusted.”

“Workers who wish to contact Centrelink directly to discuss their circumstances can phone 13 2850, visit their local Customer Service Centre or visit,” he added.

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