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Asia’s uptake of industrial robots soars 70 per cent

Asian industry’s deployment of robots has increased 70 per cent to 887,400 units over the last six years, according to the World Robotics Report 2016.

The International Federation of Robots (IFR) report said that China was the biggest driver in this growth, accounting for 43 per cent of sales in Asia, followed by 24 per cent for South Korea and 22 per cent for Japan.

The report also found regional manufacturing industry uptake of robots grew 25 per cent to 149,500 units in 2015.

IFR president Joe Gemma said that China will continue to remain the driving force behind the region’s uptake of industrial robots.

“China will continue to be a strong future market for the robotics industry. Part of this trend is driven by the Chinese government´s 2025 initiative to support automation. The country aims to become a leader in automation globally,“ Gemma said.

The report also projected that compound annual growth of robots for 2017-19 will be, on average, 13 per cent. The report said technology will focus on the development of collaborative robots – ‘co-bots’, two-armed robots, mobile solutions and the integration of robots into existing environments.

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