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AR technology to assist spray painting

AR and VR-enabled automotive parts and maintenance manufacturer, Tradiebot, has announced the launch of SprayVIS.

Designed to assist tradespeople to develop their skills at automotive spray painting.

The VR platform, developed and manufactured in Australia, is designed to be Generation Y and Z friendly, and to grow interest in the trades as a pathway for future careers.

The system has been designed to be competitive on cost, and ready to use at almost any training facility, highlighted Tradiebot director of engineering and operational technology, Kristan Marlow.

“The SprayVIS system is the most competitive VR training solution on the market, priced at $10,000 US, it is an all-in-one early training solution for the spray-painting industry,” he said.

Already, the technology has been trialled at career events and industry expos, and has broken down the barriers to children engaging with spray painting.

“Previously, this would not have been possible, those who wanted to try spray-painting as a trade would have been required to visit a designated site that had a spray booth, utilise protective gear, have a trainer onsite and use real paint in order to experience the skill and determine if it is the career path for them. This would be an expensive and time-consuming exercise with limited reach and exposure. With SprayVIS, any location can become a virtual training centre,” said Marlow.

Developed over the past 18 months, SprayVIS allow for an immersive and interactive training experience, and those who undertake the program are provided with real-time feedback. According to a statement from Tradiebot, the unique spray gun controller replicates the real-life experience of spray painting.

The platform also offers opportunities for sponsorship for businesses that are in the automotive industry.

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