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Apple lodges patents related to 3D printing in Liquidmetal

Apple has lodged patent applications in the US and the company appears to be considering the use of Liquidmetal parts in its next generation products.

Patently Apple reported this week that the US technology company has made five patent filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

All of these relate to producing parts from bulk metallic glasses (BMG), a term for additive manufacturing in Liquidmetal to create super-strong parts.

One of the applications involves making electronics enclosures.

“Parts for consumer electronics may have small sizes, tight constraints on their dimensions and complex shapes, which can make traditional subtractive manufacturing method difficult or expensive,” reports Patently Apple.

CNET notes that the use of Liquidmetal in Apple products has been a rumour for years, and the news deserves to be treated with skepticism.

To read the patent application detailing “layer by layer construction with bulk metallic glasses”, click here.


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