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Apple joins Partnership on AI to help advance AI R&D

Apple has joined the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a global group of corporations that aims to steer debate on best practice utilisation of artificial intelligence, according to ARN. 

The group believes AI will have big applications in health care, transport and factory production and that ground rules for AI use should be established on how the technology is developed and deployed.

Apple is investing big in in AI in the transport arena – it is trying to develop a driverless car – Project Titan. It is not clear whether Apple will manufacture the car itself or just provide the self-driving technology to another manufacturer. 

Australian companies and manufacturers are among the biggest users of AI technology and spend more than A$8 million per year on AI deployments.  More than 66 per cent of them plan to replace humans with machines. 

The country’s businesses and organisations are currently deploying AI to complete a number of different tasks including ordering of pharmaceuticals in a hospital, driverless tractors on farms, and the delivery of parcels.

Currently there is a shortage of technicians, which are skilled in the AI space. This may limit the country’s ability to develop AI technology going forward

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