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Apple to investigate iPhone 7 fire allegations

Apple is going to investigate claims that an iPhone 7 caught fire, which resulted in the destruction of the handset owner’s vehicle.

In a statement to 7 News, Mat Jones says he had just finished a surfing lesson when he returned to his car and saw it was filled with smoke. Jones alleges the cause was his iPhone 7 because it was wrapped in his pants and it looks like it was ground zero for where the fire started.

This comes on the back of its main rival, Samsung, having to recall – perhaps eventually deleting – it’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after a series of fires and explosions. What is different about the iPhone story, is that unlike the Samsung issue whereby most cases involved an overheating battery that was being charged, this alleged incident occurred spontaneously when the phone was sitting in the car. It was not being charged at the time, nor was it near any flammable material. Jones has admitted that his opinion on what caused the fire is supposition as he wasn’t in the car at the time.

Phones and other electronic media can become extremely hot when left in a car during summer, or any other time when temperatures are high. However, for a smartphone to catch fire, explode, or just combust out of nothing seems unlikely. According to, Apple has been in touch with Jones and is looking into the matter, although no date has been set as to when findings to any investigation will be published.

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