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According to Alemlube, contamination is the leading cause of machinery failure on an industrial site. Lubrication is the last line of defence against friction, wear and corrosion for many parts on critical machinery, so when oil becomes compromised, so does the entire piece of equipment.

In many cases, the cost of excluding a single gram of dirt from lubrication product is about 10 per cent of the projected cost in consequential downtime and repairs. 

As a 100 per cent Australian-owned company offering a dynamic range of lubrication solutions to various sectors, Alemlube aims to keep ahead of market expectations with innovative product design. Their team of industry experts work alongside Motion Australia to provide best-fit products for servicing applications, employing an intimate understanding of the day-to-day challenges often faced on-site. 

Their off-the-shelf lubrication equipment is ideal for servicing machinery on the field, where lightweight and customisable solutions are required. Prioritising safe handling and zero compromise to the lubricant, Alemlube’s portfolio delivers cost-effective tools that help operators deliver on best practice for storage, identification and dispensing processes. 

The iCan range of lubricant storage and delivery equipment from Alemlube reduces the chance of cross-contamination during maintenance tasks. The user-friendly design of these containers and series of attachments is resistant to rust, warping and distortion in rugged environments such as agriculture or food processing plants.  

Each container has a clear, plastic pouch on the side, for comprehensive labelling with the iPouch double-sided identification cards. This ensures the safe handling of lubricant types on a single site, and mitiGates the risk of cross-contamination where multiple varieties of oil or grease are being implemented. This is a necessity for sites looking to maintain a professional and organised workshop, and ensures fewer breakdowns caused by inadequately serviced componentry. 

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