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Angle grinder for the industrial market

The CP75XX series angle grinder, one of the most powerful for its class, is designed to enable users to achieve a high material removal rate.

The angle grinder boasts a powerful 1.1HP (840W) governed motor, providing a high material removal rate, therefore enabling users to reduce the time taken to complete their tasks. The series is available in 4in, 4.5in and 5in grinding wheels; providing users with added versatility to best suit their application.

As a composite tool, it is compact and lightweight. Weighing 1.6kg and measuring 270mm in length, it provides users with easier manoeuvrability and handling. The head is manufactured from aluminium, while the body is made of steel and aluminium with a composite over-moulded comfortable grip which insulates the operator’s hand from the cold.

The grinder features a robust steel wheel guard that can be adjusted to protect the operator and to facilitate access to the application. It also features a streamlined safety lever for additional ease of use.

Equipped with a 360 degree swivel air inlet, the angle grinder provides users with exceptional manoeuvrability and helps avoid potentially dangerous air hose entanglements.

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