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An academy for hoist and safety excellence

KITO’s Hoist Safety and Repair Training sessions have been developed to add value by providing instruction, technical support, and safety awareness. Manufacturers’ Monthly investigates how the initiative is helping businesses increase work efficiency and uphold the highest safety standards. 

KITO PWB’s KITO Academy is a place where customers are trained in the safe use of lifting hoists as well as how to best service & maintain the equipment in accordance to Australian Standards. The academy offers structured presentations, hands-on demonstration, and certifications to help participants refresh their knowledge and acquire new skills. The highly qualified trainers, together with essential equipment, provide an excellent opportunity for participants to qualify themselves and their employees in repair and maintenance while sharpening their eye for sources of danger at the workplace. With the academy’s help, participants can get a further grasp on what quality and safety mean at KITO and fully understand why KITO has a superior level of safety and performance. Attendees will see side by side comparisons of product and internal components, get a general understanding of routine maintenance or safely handling of lifting equipment according to Australian standards

Safety Orientation Session

The correct operation of hoists requires a focus on safety to prevent occupational accidents. According to studies, improper handling and poor working conditions are the leading causes of accidents in the workplace. To help prevent these accidents, KITO PWB offers a Safety Orientation Session that covers all aspects of how to safely operate electric & manual hoists, the do’s & don’ts of lifting & how to conduct a pre-operational inspection in accordance with Australian standards AS 2550.1-2011 – Safe Use of Cranes, Hoists & Winches.

Safety Orientation Session aims to raise awareness of potential hazards in the workplace and educate customers on how to reduce the risk of accidents. The session covers various topics, such as the safe handling of lifting equipment, the use of safety features, and practical tips and knowledge for operating hoists safely. A large percentage of accidents can be prevented by implementing simple measures, and KITO PWB is dedicated to educating customers on these measures.

The KITO Product Academy workshops cover range overview, user benefits and more.

Hoist operators, operations managers, safety officers and technicians can participate in this important Safety Orientation Session for Electric Hoists and Manual or Lever Hoists. With the ability to be held at a chosen facility, KITO Japan’s resident expert Mr. Satoshi Ito will conduct the training session in person. Ito has rich experience in hoist products worldwide, successfully conducting numerous KITO Academy training courses for the Middle East, Africa, Japanese and Australian markets.

This course will help participants develop a strong understanding of safe handling of lifting equipment, safety features, and will provide practical tips and ways to enhance workers’ safe workplace. Ito will teach operators the importance of a pre-operational inspection and ensure they are conducted correctly for compliance with AS 2550.1-2011 – Safe Use of Cranes, Hoists & Winches. Other key topics covered include how to use a hoist properly and troubleshooting major hoist problems.

Repair Demonstration Clinic

KITO PWB’s Repair Demonstration Clinic is designed to provide service technicians, mechanics and operators with the necessary skills and knowledge to inspect, repair and test KITO lever hoists and manual chain hoists. This hands-on session is a combination of theoretical and interactive training modules that teach the basics of maintenance and repair.

The training program covers directives and standards such as inspection classification, required maintenance work for repairs and preoperational checks. Participants will also learn about equipment technology in detail, including disassembling the hoists into individual parts, providing an opportunity to get to know KITO’s manual hoists down to the smallest detail. It will help to equip maintenance staff with the necessary preventive maintenance and troubleshooting skills so that any unforeseen or sudden breakdown can be quickly resolved by your maintenance staff.

At the end of the program, it will provide participants with confidence and ability to carry out maintenance & repairs according to manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring that KITO’s manual hoists remain in top working condition. Certification is provided for all attendees on successful completion of the course.

Overall, KITO PWB’s repair and maintenance training program is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone looking to gain the skills and knowledge to properly maintain and repair manual hoists.

KITO Product Academy

KITO Product Academy training sessions have been developed to provide the distributors’ sales and marketing employees with a better understanding of the benefits of the KITO Hoists by allowing you to see, hear & touch the products up close, and to compare them against the opposition products. The products involved are KITO wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists and lever hoists.

The topics to be covered include range overview, applications, unique features, users’ benefits, and sales techniques. At the end of the program, participants will be provided with confidence in product knowledge. By booking a training session directly with KITO PWB, participants can take the first step towards expanding their knowledge of KITO products, which are consistently developing and improving and embraced by the Australasian sector. 

If you think you can benefit from one of KITO PWB’s free training programs, please register online at or call 1300 792 262 to arrange any of the above sessions.

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