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AMWU to rally at Liberal HQ, demand action on Holden

As many as 1,000 workers are expected to march on Liberal Party headquarters in Melbourne to demand urgent federal government action to save Holden’s Australian manufacturing operations.

News Corp reports that the AMWU has invited members from its automotive and metals division to rally, with the union to deliver a statement urging that more be done to help car makers, with what it says are 50,000 jobs at risk if Toyota follows Holden.

Holden announced last week that it would end its car assembly in Australia in 2017.

The union’s statement complains that the federal government does not realise the importance of automotive manufacturing, with a big R&D spillover and a unique role in the overall economy.

“It is a tragedy and a disgrace that this Australian Government has failed to recognise this reality and has stood idly by and let automotive manufacturing in Australia cease due to an ideological aversion to the global reality of industry support and largely short term pressures brought about by the strength of the Australian dollar,” the statement reads.

“There can now be no doubt that Australia is suffering from a serious and prolonged case of Dutch-Disease, where a broad based and well balanced economy is hollowed out by the currency effects of a mining boom.

“Without serious and urgent action, Australia risks an economic hollowing and a post boom hangover that will leave us out of the advanced industrial economies for the first time in our history."


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