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AMWU requests Fairfax be honest on printing plans

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has demanded that Fairfax be honest about why it is closing its two printing presses, after the media company told its AGM that newspapers would continue to be produced.

Fairfax, which announced in June that it’d close its Chullora (NSW) and Tullamarine (Victoria) printing presses, held its AGM yesterday.

CEO Greg Hywood announced that newspapers could disappear in three years. The AMWU asked why the media company could not be more upfront about the reasons behind the printing closures.

"Why is the company closing the brand-new, state-of-the-art facility at Tullamarine when the newspaper would continue to be printed there for at least three years?" said Lorrain Cassin of the AMWU.

Cassin also criticised the $420,000 bonus awarded to Hywood, who has overseen the company shedding a fifth of its staff.

“We also condemn the decision by Mr Hywood to cash in on the back of the redundancies, patting himself on the back for cutting jobs is disgraceful,” said Cassin.

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